Corporate Identity (or Corporate
Design or CI Design): The visual representation of an organization, including its logo, design, typefaces and colours, as well as its philosophy.
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YOYACOOL CI Design Group is an innovative, professional and responsive company Logo design & branding agency providing corporate identity services to clients worldwide.
Since 1992 YoyaCool CI Design Group has been changing the way companies are seen by their customers. Please visit our company logo design portfolio pages and feel free to contact us at any time with questions about your next logo design project. YOYACOOL CI DESIGN
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WowoJoe is built on a foundation of expert graphic design principles. For me, the craft of graphic design is incredibly important. I offer a complete range of skills, from bespoke typography and information design to illustrative graphic metaphors and high impact photography.
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Friday, April 6, 2007
the stunning design works of innocent Grafik Online Design
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Thursday, March 29, 2007
if Communication Design Award; FUSE : Brand Identity & Package Design Conference 2007; Design Preis Schweiz 2007; CSD Students Award 2007; European Design Conference 2007; The European Logo Design Award 2007; Workshop Corporate Design; Designforum Freiburg 2007 "Open Source"; International Museum Communication Awards
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04/30/07 Design Preis Schweiz 2007
05/01/07 CSD Students Award 2007
09/05/07 European Design Conference 2007
18/05/07 The European Logo Design Award 007
24/05/07 Workshop Corporate Design
24/05/07 Architektur für Marken
23/06/07 Designforum Freiburg 2007 "Open Source"
01/09/07 International Museum Communication Awards
i can't get the official site working for me, but evgeny kiselev's work is very impressive. lots of lovely design and bright colours. thanks rob for the link.  

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