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What is a WeChat Shop?

WeChat started out as a messaging APP, and quickly extended its functions to include social medias and services. However, the core of WeChat business model is e-commerce: the ability of WeChat to become the electronic wallet of its users. When users are accessing your website via WeChat, they can use WeChat as a billing system to check-out through a “one-click-payment”: this enables an extremely seamless user-experience and a significant increase in your sales conversion rate.

WeChat shops and customer service

WeChat shops enable to provide your users a simple and mobile access to your products and a convenient way to handle payments. There is another major asset to WeChat shops: customer service. WeChat is indeed the number one communication channel today in China, and it is becoming more and more natural for users to look for WeChat public accounts for information or to raise requests. By having customers buying via your WeChat shop, connected to your WeChat public account, you give them an integrated and intuitive way to speak to your customer service: simply by speaking or writing to the WeChat public account. Your WeChat shop also enables you to easily send discounts to your customers via a WeChat Official Account. Keep your users updated about the latest promotion and keep them engaged with your brand!

How to open a WeChat shop?

In July 2014, Wechat gave birth to “Wechat store” allowing companies to set up their own e-commerce platform.With Wechat Pay, Wechat’s mobile payment system, customers can easily view items and view them via a one-click paymentThere are several Wechat e-commerce platforms that can be used to create your own WeChat store.